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Lymph nodes

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I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma in July of 2010, had a total thyroidectomy, and just recently found out that there is a reoccurrence of the cancer and will start RAI treatments in October. The question I have for anyone who can answer is: I have noticed in a lot of posts that this cancer has went to lymph nodes, with this being said, my cancer has not went into the lymph nodes yet, but will this cancer eventually (sooner or later) go into my lymph nodes?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi. If you had all your thyroid removed, then where has the cancer recurred ? What studies have been done which indicate it is not in your lymph nodes. Did you Doc suggest you get RAI in 2010, or only if the cancer reappeared.

As a different question, it would be nice to know if anyone here had their papillary ca go to a few nodes and RAI resulted in a cure without having the nodes removed.

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You mentioned having the RAI in 2010...I thought I would have been given the RAI to kill any left over cancerous tissue, but they didn't do that. I had the I-131 scan over a year later...don't ask me why, I still haven't gotten an answer other than, "well your cancer was caught very early..." I am under the assumption that the cancer I have now is a reoccurrence due to left over thyroid tissue from the surgery over a year ago. Nothing was ever mentioned to me about the RAI when I had my thyroid removed in July of 2010. The people who I have talked to who have gone through the same thing told me they all received the RAI sometime after surgery was done, I didn't! I honestly don't know why and really can't seem to get a direct answer from any professional I have seen. I do not have medical insurance, therefore, I am usually ushered out the door as quickly as possible. I have asked a million questions only receiving direct answers for a few. I was told that no lymph nodes were involved at this point. I guess this is why I am fretting about the cancer reaching them now... I only know what the doctors are telling me and from what I can find out through my own research. Of course, this isn't saying much either.

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I wasn't given RAI after my TT either and I questioned it. They said that my cancer was caught early enough also. I had recurrence less than six months later and then a third surgery to fix the second botched surgery six months after that. I was tested for the B-RAF mutation gene after the second surgery and found to be positive. Had I known that after my first surgery I would have insisted on the RAI after my TT. My metastasis was to the Lymph nodes. That is where it typically goes first. I am confused as to where the cancer was found if not in the lymph nodes on you. And, why would they do RAI without removing the new cancer first?

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My friends tell me that RAI will destroy tpc in lymph nodes.

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reasons for RAI prior to removal

1) its not a treatment dose its a testing dose and they are using it to determine coarse of action and find if anything else is involved.
2) they are trying to shrink the involved tissue to make it easier to operate.
3) it has already been determined in-operable and they are doing what they can to kill it

as for being ushered out the door before your questions are answered print them out on a list and give 1 to doctor and keep one yourself. any question he doesn't answer you put on your next list anything he didn't answer well enough you write new questions for. ask for copies of your medical record and all labs and dr notes and all surgical notes and such.

go threw the records and come up with questions from them.... like
on may 12 2011 dr xx made a note about... I was wondering how you we were tracking that issue.

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Thought my story would help and hope it does. I was diagnosed with Pap. Thyroid Cancer in late January and the culprit node was on the back side near my windpipe (no real symptoms that suspected a node there - was found looking for something else). I was also told this was caught early. My TT surgery was the second week in Feburary and not purposely, a few (4) lymph nodes were also attached to the removed thyroid (as I'm told this is common especially if the thyroid is enlarged). All were cancerous and I had a high dose of RAI(hospital quarantined for a few days) at the end of March (and to note: I've had no ill effects post RAI therapy).

It was explained to me that a small amount of thyroid tissue close to the vocal chord nerve was not removed as this is a delicate area and is often left untouched. I suspect that if this is the same with you, this is where your cancer has "come back" though, it probably never left. I urge you to get a book written by my Doctor - Paul Ruiggieri - which I believe will help answer some of your questions. The link to the book on Amazon.com is: http://www.amazon.com/Simple-Guide-Thyroid-Disorders-Diagnosis/dp/1886039631/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_2/178-3094775-0447931#_

Best of luck to you.

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