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Travelling, cremains, and...neutrality

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So as I mentioned yesterday, I decided to go "home" or as close as I have to one. I only made about 200 miles today, but I can honestly say it feels...less bad. I even was able to sing along to my car radio a little bit. It's kind of bittersweet to see my Husband's best friend riding his Harley, and wearing one of his shirts. If I forget for a second, I think it's my Ric following me on the bike. Which, is ok. Bittersweet, but, ok. We made the right choice giving the Bike to him.
I also had a minor miracle happen today. The Funeral home called me this morning, and said the cremation permit came through, and allowed me to pic up Ric's cremains before I left this evening. Yes, it cost me an extra $100 but to be able to take him home with me, it was more than worth it. The box is still warm from the crematory, and I'm trying not to think about that too much, but to me the important thing is that he gets to go HOME with me, and we can go directly to Indiana from Va if I choose to, instead of having to come all the way back to Texas to retrieve him, and then driving to Indiana. It also allows our friends to provide something of a "motorcade" for him, which I think is a really nice tribute.
Geographic distance is helping me cope. Not sure when I'll be able to stay at our house again, but it's good to be able to go home.

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I see your post and read your other about people driving you crazy, telling you what to do. Looks like you are doing exactly whats good for you right now. Will follow your posts and am praying for you, too. I have had trouble getting to the chatroom, so I will use discussion boards for now. Peace be with you.

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