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Update from surgery

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Here I am in recovery from my lung biospsy, I'm staring at my pathology report and before I state the finding I can help to ponder on our ability and dire want/need to continue to seek new options, to have more surgeries,to demand more options. I wake up every morning I feel so grateful to have been given the oppertunity to have you guys come into my life and I don't want any of this to end, sick or not sick you group of people are amazaing in so many way. I can't fatham to think of my life without this disease and maybe I wouldn't have fought as hard if I did find the colorectal cancer dicussion board when I face some of my darkest days. You have always given me hope even with the daily tragities we face, the losses of many beautiful people never sits easy with me. But it is because of that support I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart for those of you who took the time out of your busy day to think, hope and pray for me. I will be going home most likely on Sunday and will continue to be grateful and supportive of my CSN friends and I will need your support more than ever. I knew what I was up against(I mean one month no nodules next month things everywhere) well..... you guessed it and probably knew as well as I did that unfortunately these nodules are cancerous. Upset hell yeah I am(cried like a baby), in pain YES YES YES ( again cried like a baby), but suprised, no not at all. Now it's time to change the game plan and that means more than likely FOLFIRI. I will take any advice on this drug and again Thanks you guys your support- it really means the world to me.

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I am glad this part of the journey is over for you. Yes, it is tough news, and we all wish it could have turned out differently. No wonder the tears, but now you have to get your strenght back up and fight again.

As the treatment plan solidifies, I send prayers a plenty that it will do a miraculous job.


Marie who loves kitties

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I will be along side you every step.....I look for the same outcome as you do with Folfiri...We will get through this, we will........love to you young lady....buzzy

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I am so sorry you got to fight this crap again. I sooooo know how you are feeling. You asked about Folfiri. It worked wonders for me. I had Avastin with it also. It wiped out more than 15 mets scattered all over both my lungs and put me NED. Soooooo....dry your eyes girl.... you are going to be just fine and kick cancers butt yet again!!!!! Keeping you in my payers!


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Things will get better. I'm sure in another couple of weeks that you won't have nearly as much pain as you do now. I am continuing to pray for you. I know how disappointed you must have been to find that the nodules were indeed cancer, but it's now time to move forward and fight! You will be okay-

Hugs to you,

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Hey there:)

Forgot to mention the spirometer,but I think Buzz did. I know it's hard but blow on it as much as your lungs will let you. They'll probably be giving you some breathing treatments through a machine with a couple of drugs whose name escape me at the moment.

I'm sorry it's cancer but at least you know what it is - no more guesswork. By removing the doubt now and replacing it with awareness, we can settle in and get our mind right to fight. Somehow when cancer reveals itself, instead of running for the shadows, you turn and face the light - and by bringing the cancer into the light, you see clearly what you must do.

And once you know what you must do, things will become a little less scary and you will rise up and face your new challenge - and from that will come Empowerment. And you will do what you think can't possibly be done, but yet you will come through it. That's called Personal Growth and we're going to watch Melissa grow over the coming months.

Look at this cancer as you would pruning a hedge - from the cutting back of a shrub, new growth emerges and blossoms into a beautiful work of nature. The same thing will happen for you. Cancer has cut you, but what's coming next should be a beautiful thing to witness. I eagerly await with anticipation and I want a front-row seat:)

I'll be here with you as well as the rest of the crew will be - one of us will have the night shift, LOL:)

Remember, take it slow and steady. Stay on the morphine pump as long as they give it to you and when they move to shots only, watch the clock and get 'em - stay ahead of the pain.

We'll talk about the Folfiri when you get out of the hospital and get settled in there - we'll have some time to talk about this - right now, though you rest.

Sleep tight and things will be alright:)

-Your Rock

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You cry those tears for a little while, then you'll soon be drying them and working at getting rid of these pesky little nodules.
We're here, standing beside you, crying with you and handing out those kleenex's to help dry those tears and grateful to have you along side us.
You're a brave strong woman, and you'll do just fine.
Winter Marie

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You are precious! I am sitting here typing and tears are falling.I just wish of a way to make sure you know the love and support you have! It is way beyond what you feel!


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I am upset you had such poor DX from your PCPs.

I pray that your fighting spirit gets you through your batlles ahead.

My prayers to you.


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My husband is on this + Avastin. Four days are tough but he sleeps most of the time during them. Following the four days things return to normal. I wish you the best and pray there will be NED days ahead for you. Lisa

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I pray that you have a speedy recovery.

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Everyone here has already said it. I am so sorry for the diagnosis. But I know you are strong, and will fight with everything you have.
Ihope you can feel the love of so many people praying for you,

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Oh, me. I hate to read this, but I'm praying you will not be in pain soon, and that you will get great results from the chemo.


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Your message was touching and I agree the support group here is great. I hope folfiri works wonders for you and they all dissapear.

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will be right here with you.i am fixing to have liver surgery and after i conquer that my lung will need some attention.i also have been on irritatecan+avastin and it has not been to bad,all we can do is stand by eachother as we fight on...Godbless....johnnybegood

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I am so sorry to hear this. I thought you already started on Folfiri a little while ago. This disease sucks :( All the best to you Leena

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response as Jennie said it did wonders on me twice!.
Will prey for you!.

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