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A Successful Story

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There is always hope. In 2006, at the age of 46, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. My PSA was over 26 and the cancer had metastasized to the seminal vesicles. After robotic surgery at the City of Hope, 8 weeks of radiation, and 2 years of aggressive estrogen ablation therapy (Lupron, Casodex, and Finestride), I learned today that I just passed the five year mark of having undetectable PSA's. Today is a good day. As treatments continue to evolve, more and more of us will continue to hear those sweet, sweet words, "Your PSA is undetectable." Keep fighting everyone.

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Best of luck for a loooong string of zeros!

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Congratulations. Surely there is always hope.
Wishing you a continuous success.

Could you tell us what was your Gleason score?

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What a nice bit of news. Great words to hear indeed.

Thank you for posting.

Good Luck to you and your family

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Jumping on the bandwagon to offer congrats as well. Have one question though...you mentioned "estrogen ablation" in your post. Perhaps I'm confused but, I thought estrogen ablation was connected with female hormone sensitive cancers. Wondering if you might mean either androgen ablation or testosterone ablation (or antiestrogen ablation), as those are most associated the ADT3 combination you indicated. Thanks for any clarification. Wishing you continued success.

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Thank you all for your kind remarks and, yes, in my haste, I got my hormones confused I had androgen ablation, not "estrogen" ablation. My Gleason was 3 + 4 and stage was pT3B.

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I've been offline a few days and Glad to read of your success!


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Congrats on the milestone, Dr. It's a big one! Add my wishes to the others for a continuing string of undetectable PSAs !!!

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