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saliva and painful tears?

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Is this typical with chemo? Tons of saliva. It's been a week of it since my last (2nd) treatment.

And it hurts my eyeballs to cry. Maybe it will help me "buck up" a little :) But I cry easily when I'm feeling grateful or loved or watching a touching commercial.


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yep, thats usually just prior to puking.....sorry, sad but true for me...but the nausea kept me salivating like a dog.....I had a very very rough time with nausea, even taking emend......now the tears hurting, can't say I did that.....buzz

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yes, yes! I am on my first cycle of oxaliplatin and Xeloda and I was expecting the "first bite" syndrome where you have pain on both sides of your jaw with the first taste of food, but I was not prepared for the painful tears! Insult to injury or what....a person can't even feel sorry for themselves!


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Oh, I forgot about that one. I remember the pain when crying, and I thought WTHeck???
Thinking of you.
Winter Marie

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Yes, the painful tears, couldn't watch anything sad or too funny.
just hated it.

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you name it i have had it,my eyes would burn everytime they got watery but i still cry.sometimes it helps to just cry all your feelings out....Godbless....johnnybegood

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yes yes yes painful eyes from the oxy.....if they watered in the winter cold it was extra hard.....


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It's AMAZING how comforting it is to know I'm not alone!

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I guess we all had painful tears.

Good thing I am a cold hearted ......

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Yes, I can relate to the painful tears. I look at it as a little bit of a blessing. I look at it as a kick in the butt. It's telling me: Stop it and keep on track. Life is good! I only allow myself a few tears - that's it. As for the excessive saliva, sorry, I haven't had that experience.

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I difinitely remember telling someone it hurts my eyes to cry!

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It has been 14 years since I had chemo and I don't know what you are on. I do know that 5fu caused promlems in my mouth and eyes. It was a bit different then,I had chemo on tuesday each week for 48 weeks. It was delivered via drip in the back of the hand. I guess it was easier then to take precautions. I would put ice packs over my eyes and suck ice blocks during the infusion. The cold slowed the blood to those areas and lessened the side effects. Ron.

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Hi -

I actually had a very dry mouth (certainly no excess saliva) while on Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin back in 2005. However, my eyes really hurt if I cried - attributed that to the oxy.

In 2009 I had Xeloda and Avastin only and had no dry mouth and no painful eyes.

We're all different, but I really suspect the painful tearing is related to oxaliplatin.


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