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cancer infiltrating the nerves.....

maggie 2
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my sister suffering from stomach cancer and has chronic back pain.... she had 6 cycles of chmos and inoperable tumor in the stomach the disease has spread to the lymph nodes and now it has infiltrated the nerves.... does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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It will help if you post a LOT more information to get some good replies.
Age of patient, stage, any and all information like dates and facilities and doctors and what has and has not been done, symptoms (you did list those) and all of that good stuff make it a lot easier for people to relate and offer meaningful advice. I hope this helps!
I had and have a LOT of pain in my back, upper and lower,around my stomach in the front, in my shoulders, between the blades, and weird pains elsewhere that may or may not be metastasis that are growing. I am stage IVb and not seeking treatment other than palliative. That's MY choice and I am doing pain management for the very symptoms you described. I Hope they have her on at least good pain management so far? Will need more information to post more though.

I see you have posted twice in the last few days and no one has responded.
You might try the esophageal cancer board too. A lot more people there. I don't know why.
I have stomach AND esophageal cancer and so I check both, but since my caner is primarily esophageal at the junction and spread to the stomach, I landed there and I thinks it's a much more active group. No idea why.

Good luck!

maggie 2
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Joined: Aug 2011

Thank you Eric,

My sister lives in India and she was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March.
She had back pain for 4 years and every doctor she saw misdiagnosed her and at one point they all thought her pain was physiological.Now she it is too late for her and the tumor is inoperable and her symptoms are getting worse everyday.. she has vomiting, difficult in swallowing , nausea, lost lot of weight and back pain ... she is on morphine and still the doctors in India would not tell the family what is going on.. they say everything will be alright. It is so frustrating since I live in USA and has gone through an esophagejectomy (for my husband) and understand the disease and what it can do to her and the family. Trying to be strong for her. Sorry if I have rambled a whole lot.... good luck and my prayers to you and your family.

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