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Some things we can all agree on

son of hal
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Please excuse me for stepping in this mess. Is that your dog??? LOL
We all have a dog in this fight so naturally we all want to have a say in the outcome. With all the "arguing" that follows an "informative" post sometimes there is a tendancy to sepperate into our groups and settle down into quiet discontent for awhile. I just thought I would establish some common ground again.
Let's start with; CANCER SUCKS!!! Agree???
OK, now that we're all together agin here is another perspective I think is being missed.
Traditionaly, speaking of cancer, you have some symptoms, you are diagnosed (or misdiagnosed), you seek treatment, then you (and the doctors) cross your fingers (or legs in our cases) and hope for the best. It doesn't matter what you do for treatment it always plays out the same. Agree???
The difference lies in your approach. Western medicine tends to focus the attack on the cancer itself as the root of the problem (cut, poison, burn)while CAM tends to focus on the body itself (nourish, cleanse, strengthen) and sees cancer as more of a symptom or undesirable condition. We all can agree with one thing, we don't know exactly why we have cancer or exactly what it will take to survive. Agree???
Now the sticky part. (we're all gonna agree with this, I swear. :) If what you're doing works for you, AWESOME, more power to you. Congrats!! But it can't be the ONLY way. If one thing is not working for you consider another. WE HAVE OPTIONS!!! Any one or combination of those treatments might be the one that works for you or the next person but there are no guarantees on any of them. Make a choice, change your mind, try it all, no one has a gun to your head. If you trust word of mouth, ask around. If you trust doctors, get a few consults. If you believe in stats, study up. No one is going to tell you (to your face) that you screwed up because there is no right or wrong. Agree???
Next is just some common sense. While there are always some exeptions to every rule I don't think ANYONE will dispute that being "healthy" is a good thing. Strong body, strong mind. But being happy is just as important and if you can't do both then chose one and ROCK ON. Agree???
Most people view a cancer diagnosis as an act of war, a battle to survive will ensue and you must be prepared to do things other people will cringe at the thought of. Whether it's chemo and radiation or diet and exercise, none of it is easy and we all deserve credit for not just taking a bottle of pills and calling it a day.... Agree???
I applaude every one of you on here (caregivers too) that is still able to post through neuropathy and fatigue and tears and offer help or information to strangers across the globe.
You deserve thanks.

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You're preaching to the choir Hal, but well put...
There's more than one way to skin a dog.
(my cats don't care for the "other" expression)

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Love it! My 2 cats are with your cats!!

Also, Hal...thanks for the post.

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Here's a "Like button" for you!

MsgBox"('Come on, you can't be serious!! You really agreed with that?')"
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Very funny John! I had to click it. lol

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Very nice posting. We certainly don't need any more battles to fight,cancer is enough. We need to support each other no matter what treatment each of us decides to follow. We don't live our lives all the same way & I don't feel that our health issues are any different. Just my opinion-& yes,I know what they say about opinions.LOL

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dont even bother to get in the mess of disscusions on here unless they seem to impact my life in some way.there is no need to do the fighting on here when we all know CANCER is what we are fighting,nice post and very well said....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Hugs HAL!

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Discussions of different thoughts about different treatments are useful. Unfortunately, it's when people start calling people names that it becomes a bad thing. Hopefully, before people start getting into heated discussions, they'll try and refrain from calling people nasty, etc...and stick to their reasons WHY they think like they do. Other then that, I think every discussion whether one agrees or not is USEFUL showing different sides and opinions. Hopefully, we won't live in a world that becomes TOTALLY POLITICALLY CORRECT, I really dislike PC type policing.
Again, just voicing an opinion, not jumping on the PC wagon, I like it just fine walking.
Winter Marie

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Thanks Winter

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Hmm, you expressed what I had been feeling a bit, Winter Marie. Seemed to be a slight undercurrent of PC happening at times--OK to slam western med's limitations but not other methods. But that may just be my perception.

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And it is not about slamming. This is a place for both support and
discussion. Somehow, anyone who shares an opinion that is out of agreement with the alts is attacking them. Hell, even if you go so far as to say that the experience of a Stage IV patient is different (not better, not worse, just different) you are attacking someone.

Reminds me of politicians who complain about being talked about.

I have read Winters post (the one that was an attack forwards and backwards, and fail to find an attack there. From what I have seen of the responses, it was all about "tone", but in the written word tone is in the eye of the reader, not the writer. If someone has an issue with tone, take it to PM, don't start a war over it.

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Beautifully said!


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