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Cancer Treatment Centers

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Hi there....I am new at this so please be patient. :)
I was diagnosed with anal cancer July 2010 & went thru chemo/radiation. They thought my cancer was gone. But about 2 weeks ago I was very sick & my dr put me in the hospital where they did all kinds of tests. They found thru a biopsy the cancer was back (or never fully left!).
Now they want to do invasive surgery but I'm not ready for that! I'm looking for a 2nd opinion, a different cancer center to check out. I feel there is other options out there.
What centers or treatments has helped you? I'd appreciate any input because I'm at a loss for what to do at this point.
Thanks so much!

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Oh & I did have the standard 2 (96 hr ea) chemo sessions & 6 wks of (Mon-Fri) radiation when I was diagnosed in 2010. Since my colon dr found the cancer again, he took my case to a tumor board. They decided surgery would be best but no guarentee. (take out rectum & some colon & insert ostomy) I'm not happy about this & feel there has to be a 'middle ground' so to speak. I want the best quality of life & be done with this cancer mess!!

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I'm so sorry that the cancer has returned. I know it must be terribly difficult and scary for you. I was treated at MD Anderson in Houston by Dr. Cathy Eng, and I feel strongly that she is one of the best onconolgists in the country for treating anal cancer.


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Hello, I'm so sorry for the recurrance. I went to a teaching hospital USF in Tampa Fl, to Dr. Jorge Marcet. He is a professor and was reffered to me by 2 people, my aunt being 1 and a coworker whose boyfriend had colon cancer and was told he needed a colostomy. He said he would rather die and went to Dr. Marcet, who did a J loop and this was about 7 years ago, and he is doing well. I don't know any other suggestions, other, than like what Liz said and thats to go to the best. You could research both drs. on line. I know my dr has a nation wide reputation, and Dr. Eng more than likely does too. I wish you good luck with finding a second opinon, in which I certainly think you need one and maybe even 2 more opinons, so that you will feel confident in your decisions. Please keep us posted. Lori

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I'm sorry to hear that your cancer has come back and I'm sure this is very scary for you. I am not going to be one of those people who tells you that living with an ostomy is no big deal, as I don't have one so I really don't know. I'm sure some people make the adjustment just fine. However, like you, I am not sure I could do it. That being said, I agree with the others that a second, even third opinion is warranted, and I would go to the best. Dr. Eng and the other doctor in Tampa would be a good start.

The tumor board that reviewed your case is made up of doctors in different specialties, some having nothing to do with this type of cancer. However, they are looking at standard protocol for recurrence of anal cancer and that is why the recommendation of APR with permanent colostomy was made. Unfortunately, for this cancer, that is the usual treatment once recurrence has happened. But please don't give up because the two doctors mentioned above may have some tricks up their sleeves. Get the other opinions, then if APR & colostomy seems to be the concensus among all docs consulted, you'll atleast know that it was the best or only option. I wish you the best in getting these appts. scheduled and I hope you'll keep us posted on what happens next. Regardless of your decision, we are all here to support you. May God bless.

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