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Did you have a biopsy post treatment?

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I'm curious if you had a biopsy after your treatment or just exams? I had an exam under anesthesia and anoscopy at 3 months and a PET CT with DRE. At 6 months I had PET CT, labs, DRE and that's it. All was good according to oncologist and colo rectal surgeon, but I still have painful BMs and some bleeding if constipated. Would like to know your experience. Thanks!

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Hello, Yes I had a biopsy twice after tx. Now because I had a small bump, not even a nodule, my correctol surgeon wanted to make sure. I had a skin tag that he wanted to remove, so I had that done under anesthesia and then I had a biopsy right in his office. Now if you dr saw something he probably would have biopsied it. I had painful bms for over a year, its just the healing process. It just takes so long because we use it everyday. I wish you well. Lori

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Hi 7-I had a punch biopsy 3 months after i finished treatment..The dr needed to make sure under the scar tissue nothing was lurking..All was well..i am 3 years NED..hugs ..alyse

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The only post-treatment biopsy I've had was on 3 anal warts (internal) that were removed about a year ago, along with a perineal skin tag. All came back negative. My colorectal surgeon does not do routine biopsies after anal cancer treatment because of healing issues. She will only do them if something looks suspicious. My follow-ups consist of DRE and anoscope every 3 months (which I just had yesterday--all was good), along with scans every 6 months now.

I will be 3 year post-treatment on September 9th. and I still have occasional difficult BM's, with pain and bleeding, if I get constipated. I recommend using a stool softener daily and getting plenty of good fiber, along with drinking lots of water.

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I'm almost three years out. I had multiple punch biopsies at six months out. In the beginning, I had anoscopes every three months. Now every six months. Catscans at the end of year 1 and year 2 (I probably will have another one this October - don't know yet). I have an occasional painful bm (a little blood sometimes) and still occasionally deal with constipation (I drink lots of water and take Colace - once in a great while I need to take a Dulcolax). Blood tests every six months.

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I have not had any biopsies done but will ask the surgeon when I am due for my next anoscopy which they do every 3 months and a follow up PET scan after 1 year which will be November.

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