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well last week went fast i saw my radiation doc tues and got my pet/ct scan back it spread but only in the area of the site no where else and it was very small spot she told me i was very lucky so i am a T2 n0 m0 so i will start chemo and radiation sept 6th let the fun begin! they told me about what to expect and were very nice and helpful today i joined Gilda's club of Chicago so i am very happy about that my son and grandkids are going to join too so that should help me keep my mind going while going though this whole thing meeting new people and hopefuly long time friends there hope everyone is having a good day today and may tomorrow be even better.

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Hi Mary, My dx was the same T2NOMO. I completed tx 6-30-09 and am clear. I wish you a speedy tx time. Lori

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same to you Lori i will be thinking of you with all that is going on with you right now may the good lord be by your side.

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I'm glad you are beginning treatment next week and I hope that all will go well. When I was ready to start, I was both dreading it and looking forward to it to get it over with. Take each day at a time and remember that it's just a short snippet of time in your life. Soon you'll be done and in healing mode! Please let us know how it goes.

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One day at a time. We will all be here to help you through this. Sending healing thoughts your way.

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Congratulations on the test results, Mary. I hope the time passes quickly and you're soon on to recovery.

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Yes... wishing you all the best going through treatment. It seems long but it does go by quickly. I was diagnosed T2N0M0 and have been clear since November 2010. Thinking of you! We are here if you need us!

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