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The its a major surgery list

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ok i posted this on another board but I figured it would be usefull to have it hear as well

and besides you can add to it this is at this point all my list and I thought of and typed it in 5-10 min.

in refrence to its a good cancer

Not sure if I mentioned this one before...

It is kind of like the doctor saying we had to amputate a hand... but it’s good cause it’s the hand you don’t write with.

This is a major surgery with life changing outcome...
1) you have to take a pill a day or more (some people don’t realize this can be a pain to add 1 more pill)
2) You need to get checked every now and then... and OMG if you have to go through HYPO-Hell
3) Hypo-Hell I am sure most of us have gone through this once or more.
4) Oncologists are too busy with the dying to take care of the living
5) Endo's are too busy with every other endocrine issue
6) we changed you meds this should make it better... oh you have to wait 6- 8 weeks so we can do labs to see if we got it right
7) Waiting 2+ weeks after the labs before the doc tells you if you need to change your meds again
8) You have to watch what you eat even more carefully now
9) If you gain or lose weight you knock off your med balance and go back to adjusting your meds
10) Brain Fog
11) Lower energy levels
12) Doctors and medical personal downplaying it because they all have heard it’s a GOOD Cancer
13) Having to count to 10 every time someone says its a good cancer and spending more time to think of a publicly correct answer
14) People thinking you’re in a PITY PARTY
15) People thinking you’re a hypochondriac
16) yes 3% chance of death (thyroid related) within 5 years that’s 1 out of 33 people who sign onto this page or 1 student in a class. sure it’s a lot less than other cancers but it’s still a big number
17) 30% chance of re-occurrence.
18) That nagging feeling of should I have gone through RAI... happens with either choice
19) Doctors assume any other issue you bring up is thyroid related so it takes longer to prove it is not thyroid related
20) If it is thyroid related why didn't they tell me about it when they took my thyroid
21) Try to get medical insurance after any "CANCER"
22) Medical insurance will try to prove any issue is pre-existing cause of your thyroid cancer
23) Having to take your vacation days for a week long cause you need to do a WBS
24) The Low Iodine Diet
25) Extra blood tests
26) What else was damaged when they removed the thyroid (myself 2 parathyroid’s)
27) The scar... sure some of us are proud to show it off but you don’t want it visible when going to a job interview
28) You lose people you thought were good friends cause they cannot deal with cancer
29) Other people who survive other cancers don’t only have checks we still have the pill a day and may have to go HYPO cause the doctor wants to check something
30) Depression
31) The people who think the reason you got cancer in your neck.. oh you must have been a smoker so it must be your fault.
32) Havening issues remembering what someone said a few min ago
33) Havening to check each new med to make sure it does not interfere with synthroid absorption
34) The neck always bugs you now and then (ok I bet most of you had the feeling just now)
35) Any other complication that happened
36) Complications from RAI (for myself so far reduced salivary production and metallic salt taste in mouth permeate)
37) If you salivary glands are damaged you are more susceptible to tooth decay.
38) You keep getting annoyed that you can’t physically do things you could pre cancer

Well that’s all I can come up with in 5 -10 min... Anyone else add to the list?


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I think you said it all - its too early in the morning for me to think of something to add to the list...yet.


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39) Getting nervous before doctor visits (or is it just me?)

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#40: You've been to outpatients so many times you are on a first name basis with the staff

#41: You've become an expert in knowing which veins to use for blood tests.

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#42 You can draw your own blood for blood tests.
#43 You buy new glasses every three to six months that double in thickness each time.
#44 You find yourself yelling at people because you can't hear yourself talking anymore.

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