Adenocarcinoma of the lung help! Mother is dying.......

Maybe some days past my mother will in another world,but now I still to find some way to heal her,to find the best treatment in the China(we are now living in China), someone who can told me which the medical is the best for this? Or have the same exp ,and your parents or others are survival.
Please tell me , really thanks


  • Debbi818
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    I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma
    I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and had surgery to remove the lower right lobe of my right lung to remove it. My surgeon told me this is the only lung cancer that can be removed. Unfortunately while he was there he found other lung cancers in other lobes. I would suggest seeing a surgeon who specializes in lung cancer to see if the adenocarcinoma can be removed.

    If it had just been adenocarcinoma for me, it would have been a six week recovery period.

    I wish you and your mother the best.