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Tests are in...

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Tumor is T2....no metastasis seen, just cysts. Have been to Radiology Oncology for simulation, Chemotherapy has been explained and I start treatments on Tuesday!! 6 weeks and then, hopefully, healing after that. I could say a lot more but most of you have already heard it....

I have seen so many upbeat people here fighting this battle......both as patients and medical personnel that my heart and soul are overflowing..everyone on this site fit into that brave category. Lorie

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I know what a relief it is to just know what is going on. I was T2NOMO also. I completed treatment on 6-30-09 and have been clear ever since. Please keep us posted. I wish you well. Lori

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I'm so glad you got good news that your tumor is localized and that things are progressing so that you can begin treatment next week. That's great because the waiting is the worst. It will be a grueling 6 weeks, but many of us here have done it and are here to tell you that you will do it too! Please lean on us for support whenever you need it--we are here to make sure you get through this, which you WILL! Stay strong, take it one day at a time, drink PLENTY of water, and remember that this is what is going to kill the tumor. Once done, the healing takes place quickly. You can do this!

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Good news! Keep it coming and let the healing begin.

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and you will do well! Good luck.

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