stomach cancer stage 4

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My sister 41years, was diagnosed with stomach cancer 6 months ago, she lives in India and gone thru 6 chemotherapy cycles and the tumor is not responding... it has spread to her lymph nodes, some parts of the liver and pancreas. She is suffering a lot with back pain and the only option is to do total gastronomy, which she is not ready for. She has lost lot of weight and not able to eat or drink much.....Now she is on Ayurvedic medicine ( Indian Herbal)
We feel helpless, is there anything that anyone can suggest? Thank you


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    I have a husband that was
    I have a husband that was diagnosed with Esophagas and stomach stage 4 cancer on September 2, 2011. He went through 6 weeks of everyday (mon through fri) of radiation and two rounds of Chemo, and was scheduled to have one more round of chemo. The second round of chemo almost killed him so we opted out of the third round of chemo. I have started him on 2 oz a day of Essac tea. I have read some wonderful things about the tea. Google it and read about it. I am with you when you say you feel helpless, I feel helpless too. My prayers are with your sister and you. God Bless.