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Hello I am 37 years old, my mother was 73 she died last month after a short battle with cancer. She had lung cancer, I took her to her dr. and she got chemo. After her first round of treatment she said she felt fine and did not want to go any more. She was a strong woman and I could not bring myself to break her wish by not going back to the dr. I took her into my house, she wanted her own place, so I got her an apartment and she was so happy!! A week went by and got a call from the independent living apartments she had moved in to, she was across the street in a lawyer’s office trying to get to her apartment. She was taken home. I explained to her if she wanted to go outside she needed to stay on the grounds, she did. I asked her every day to please go back to the doctors, she refused and said she was ok. I went over every day, the manager of the apartments said she would sit outside for hours saying I was on my way to pick her up. I called her on Sunday Night, we talked and she said she was going to bed. I called Monday morning and no answer, I got in my car and went over. I found her on the floor not able to get up. I called 911. In the hospital now her DR comes in and said they did a Scan and the cancer had moved into her brain. They did radiation and directed it at her brain. The next day the same. The 3rd day the same. I could not bring my children up to see her, the hospital would not allow it. I went in she said she was HOT!! I put on air and sat with her and showed her pictures of her grand kids. She smiled, was so happy, and looked to be getting better! Visiting hours over at 8PM I gave her a hug and Kiss told her I love her, and left at 7:50 PM went to pick up my kids at the in laws, visited for ½ hour. Went home. On machine was the nurse, Your moms condition has changed please call. I call she had become UN responsive, and entered into a coma. She signed her own DNR with a DR about one hour before I came to visit. I never knew until I spoke to the DR, Got back to her Room at 9:30. She was not good, breathing short, non response vive Talked to her telling her it was ok. Sat with her holding her hand and talking to her until exactly 5AM when she took her last breath. 4 days ago she was playing with my kids, happy as could be!! Talked to some she lived with, her head hurt all the time, never said a word to me!! My Mother lived to her last hour not wanting me to worry about her in any way. My mother… My Mother.

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I am so sorry that this has happened to to you and your family.
You have beautiful memories to always have and to share with your kids.
My thoughts are with you.

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So very sorry for your loss. I glad she was smiling until the end.

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So sorry for your loss, she sounds like she was an incredible woman who loved you very much.

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