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PRRT for carcinoids

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Have just been diagnosed with @ least 1 carcinoid tumor 2x3 on the liver with other lesions showing on the liver. Enlarged lymph nodes. So far they have not found the primary tumor. Have an Octreoscan scheduled with the VA in November. I have read about PRRT with Lu-177 treatments in Germany & I understand they have them in other places. Does anyone on this site have any experience with this treatment? If so, what would you advise?

mr steve
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Wife has had good results first with Temador and Xeloda, she had recurrence thou and it did not work. then she is now on Afinitor, avstin, and Sandostatin LAR, we are having great results with this round. I have not heard of the PRRT for a while, Not for the last year or so. Good luck and keep checking in.


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Thank you for the information.

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I have heard good things about PRRT, but you should see a carcinoid specialist (www.carcinoid.org has a list) and see if you are a candidate for surgery. Surgery is always the best option, if you are a candidate. Your specific situation should be considered by someone versed in the field, as many docs will throw the standard chemo regimens at this cancer, they typically will not work. Make sure you get the right opinions.

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