who should perform Mohs Surgery?

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Hello, frequent flyer of head and neck discussion board.. mom just finished radiation from tonsil cancer.

My father just recieved a biopsy positive for SCC. although the doctor did not answer too many questions .. they are recommend Mohs Surgery. to my understanding, its not a large procedure.. but i am hesitant to allow a dermatologist who specialises in face lifts, botox etc ... perform potentialing life saving surgery ...

what are your thoughts?


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    MOHs surgery
    I had bcc in my face in 2005. My dermatologist did the surgery and promised me it was successful with clear margins. It came back in the same place in 2008. My new dermatologist, in 2008, referred me to a plastic surgeon who I thought did a brilliant job. While I've had other skin cancers since, that one on that part of my face has stay away since 2008.