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Non-tradiitonal ways to help eliminate papillary thyroid cancer

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Okay. In additional to doing whatever you doctor says, has anyone learned of non-traditional treatments ? Hi dose Vitamins ? Herbs ? Heavy doses of anti-oxidants ? Hypnosis ?

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I've done acupuncture and take vitamins to help get my body healthy again. That was after the surgeries and RAI's though. I do try to eat healthier and avoid artificial sweeteners and things with a lot of additives/preservatives.

I also exercise regularly.

Thats about it for me



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honestly no I have not heard of any real posibilities

I have had to balance my vitamins since they were way off.
same with herbs and such to help balance and treat symptoms 1 year out.

hypnosis??? um...I do relaxiational mediation and such for stress but havent heard of a hypno-thyroid cure or even a claim to that.

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So, I don't know about treatments but I have heard that
1. Sugar feeds cancer
2. Oxygen kills cancer (it's anaerobic)
3. Infrared heat sauna's can ward off cancer cells from reproducing

Other than that, just good general health. Taking supplements if you don't eat the perfect diet, which very few people do.

I take Selenium, Multi-Vitamins, CoQ10, Magnesium (about once a week), Flaxseed oil and B-12 supplements.


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