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Symptoms prior to diagnosis

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Hi all,

A few times I have seen people have been affected by reflux and stomach issues in these threads, prior to diagnosis of kidney tumors. I was greatly affected by stomach/bowel and reflux issues and had been referred to a specialist who ultimately after some testing and a colonoscopy diagnosed me with IBS. He put me on IBS Support medication which helped a little, then amazingly, since my kidney was removed I never had another problem!

Did any one else suffer with these 'symptoms' prior to diagnosis of RCC?



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I suffered reflux for many years prior to my RCC 9 years ago and for the last 9 years as well. So at least in my case reflux was not related to RCC. That does not mean it was not related in your case as RCC masks itself as a lot of different ailments.


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As I mentioned in other posts I had a lot of stomach issues. I suffered from sharp pain just below my left ribcage at least two years before diagnosis. But what sent me to the dr last spring was heartburn constantly, increasing nausea, some vomiting, fatigue, and some mid back pain. My stomach got so bad I was certain I had an ulcer. My Gp thought it was my pancreas and ordered labs. When that all came back normal, she still felt something was wrong and ordered the ct scan. During the three month wait for surgery I was taking two to three priolosec a day and up every night with reflux
I haven't had reflux in months and seldom have heartburn since surgery and can't say its because my diet has changed much and I actually ended up gaining some weight due to months of inactivity. I am certain they were related.

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I had a narrowing in my esophagus and have had it stretched 2 x. The second time (3 years ago) resulted in me having reflux, and I have been on Aciphex every since. However, reflux is really common, and renal cell cancer is not so I do not believe there is a correlation.

One example of correlations, is that there are more shark attacks at the beach when there are more ice creams sold on the beach. However, the ice cream sales do not cause an increase in shark attacks even though there appears to be a correlation.

My 3.9 cm tumor was discovered by accident and I did not have any symptoms.


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There were no symptoms for me. I had had reflux problems when I was weighting in at 215 lbs. With a slender bone structure and only being 5'9" high that was way too much fat for my body to be carrying around. I lost 50 lbs. and lost the reflux, aching back and sore knees and hips at the same time.

My operation was on June 17th, 2011. On the 19th I went home from the hospital. Two weeks later the staples were removed. Shortly before that I was informed the pathology report found the type of cancer is "the most aggressive kind", I forget the actual name the doctor used. I go back for the follow up examine on Sept. 26th. Where they find out how successful the radical laproscopic nephrectomy is or isn't. The surgeon is very optimistic. We'll see.

My Primary Care Physician ordered tests which found the cyst on my left kidney. While getting further tests the Urologists stated they couldn't understand why the initial tests were ordered for there wasn't any indicators justifying the initial tests. It was just a case of having a really attentive and caring physician who wasn't afraid of not being 100% knowledgeable. When he didn't know anything for sure he always investigated further. Sadly for me he is now retired.

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I was tired a lot. I even went in for a sleep study because my wife was convinced that I had apnea. Nope, Cancer!!! No other symptoms until I pee'd blood one new years even. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!


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I had hip pain for at least a year, but never associated it to kidney issues. It was clear when slowly viewing the CD from the CT Scan, that the rumor was pushing on "things inside" that caused my hip pain. Although, my doctor said it didn't have anything to do with the tumor. The pain went away after the removal of my kidney/tumor. So, I don't think it was a coincidence.

My kidney cancer was diagnosed on accident. I knew that I had gallbladder issues, and one night I had horrible pain and decided that I couldn't continue eating tums the rest of my life. So, I went in for an ultrasound, and that's when they found the kidney cancer.

Take Care

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