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starting my treatments soon

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I am very nervous about my upcomming radiation and Chemo treatements. Have already made it through the colon removal surgery and am learning to live with the iliostomy bag. are their any words of wisdom for my fears? Appreciate any.

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I'm on my second treatment this weekend. And I can tell you the anticipation is way worse than the actual infusion. I felt nauseated just driving to my first infusion appoitment because I was so nervous. But it turned out to be a breeze! Later that evening I started to feel sick, but while I was at the hospital I felt great. (And I've learned to take my anti-nausea meds BEFORE I feel sick.)

Take a movie, music, books, whatever you like with you and the time will fly! Also take some healthy snacks. I say enjoy the experience as much as you can and look for the good!

I'm not doing radiation so I can't help you with that one.

You'll do great!

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Hey naz73,
The only words of wisdom I have are : Relax and take things one step at a time. I have found in my experiences that the unknown is much more scarier than the known. I did 6 weeks of radiation along with the 24/7, 5-FU pump, after having my rectum resectioned. What is your course of treatment? Perhaps by putting out a little more information, someone who has been in a similar situation can help you out a little better.
Stay Strong,

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normally I had constipation for 2 days then the runs for 3 or 4 days... fatigue was a big factor. and use some type of sun burn relief. I found that Aquaphor did the trick for me and I was able to get free samples at the radiation clinic ...It is also sold over the counter.
The 5fu pump was kind of a pain simply for inconvenience more than anything. When sleeping I simply unleashed all of the tubing and set pump and tubing between me and middle of bed. I am a tosser and turner, I would wake up with several feet of tubing wrapped around me. They would always cover the access port and needle up with a complete cover of clear tape where I could shower only with having to hang the fanny pack up at the shower rod.
Sometimes the pump would start to alarm, no issues, its not going to suck the blood out of your body or cause you to be taken by aliens, but when it alarms, we tend to think the worse. Simply find the shutoff which is usually in the upper left hand corner and shut it down. Then call your home health nurse or whomever is in charge of the pack. Or as I did start it yourself after you find what the issue is. (normally a pinched tubing causing no flow alarm to come in). I shut it down the restarted it and it automatically started dispursing again. It will alarn when empty also so you need to know how to silence it if nothing else....Heres to good health....buzz

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