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At MDA....

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Joined: Jul 2011

Started testing this week and wll continue Monday.....boy oh boy ... Will be glad to know where I am going from here! I don't mean to sound "poor me", just nervous... Happy for Liz

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Yes its the waiting and not knowing whats going on thats so worrisome. You will have your answeres soon and be able to begin treatment. I wish you well. Lori

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Lorikat. Hang in there, you can do this. Just keep telling yourself "this is one of the most CUREABLE cancers." I myself am faced with a new problem...going to Karmanos on Tuesday. Karmanos the BIG DOG! The evil "unknown" has been eating me alive this past few weeks since I went for my annual GYN exam. And the dreaded "Tuesday" has seems to be a eternity away. I also have deep moments of doubt. I just want you to know it is ok to be scared, but don't let negative feelings consume you. This site is a great source of information from people who have experienced many of the same issues you are about to under go. Note I did not say problems....they are issues. Issues can be addressed and dealt with. Wonderful support group here. Keep us informed, we will walk you thru it.

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Lorikat--Good luck with all of your testing. I hope everything goes well and you can get started with treatment. Please keep us posted!

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Good luck this week LoriKat! Pretty soon you'll be on the other side of treatment and into recovery.

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