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Tired Question

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I have a question about tiredness. I see a lot of people do not have the energy they used to have before chemo. I was there as well. Now it seems its my eyes that feel tired all the time. My energy is not 100% by any means,but I still can go 16-17 hours a day without really having to stop and rest. Its not as easy as it used to be,but I can still manage it. My question is this. Does anyone else have the tired eyes and maybe thinking it is the body that is tired. I guess I am asking that right.I have read where some still have to have a nap during the day several months after chemo. Some,like myself have been out of treatment for several months and still feel the effects.
At first I thought it was my body that was tired,but when I'd go in and lay down and close my eyes I felt like I wasn't tired. Having my eyes closed made me realize it was my eyes and not my body that was tired. john

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Hi John,

I'm 22 yrs out from Rads and 17 yrs out from ABVD for recurring HL. Also had double masectomy for BC from the radiation treatments 3 yrs ago. Had 3 surgeries after that.

I also was concerned for having the same feeling behind my eyes of "tiredness" as you. I would lay down but found I wasn't really tired. My concern was it was my heart as the chemo and radiation have damaged my heart. I had to leave work one day because it was so extreme and in turn it made me anxious. When I got home, I barely slept but was couch ridden all day and night.

For a few months now, I haven't had this tired eye feeling. What changed for me has been my schedule. I reduced my working from 40+ to 16/hours a week. That has given me the energy to walk almost everyday for at least an hour. Have gone hiking for 2+ hours also. I get out of breath when ascending hills which must be from my leaking valves and reduced pulmonary function. My stress level has greatly diminshed and I am able to have energy to enjoy my family. I am 51 yrs old and we just sent our youngest to college and our other daughter is 15.

Luckily the stress of reduced income doesn't bother me yet. I have tremendous medical bills every year as a long term survivor plus now the tutition payments. The renewed energy I have gained to spend time w/my girls has been worth it.

John, have your thyroid levels been checked recently along w/your other blood work? Did you notice the overwhelming tiredness when you are using the PC? That would happen to me sometimes. Also, some sinus sufferers have complained of the tired eye feeling as well. I hope you get to the bottom of this. I know it is a terrible feeling. It makes the mind go to upsetting places too.

Take care,

HL 1989, 1994
IDC 2008

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You got that right. The mind goes in all different directions when something doesn't seem just right. I have blood work on a regular basis,but I don't know if the thyroid is being checked or not. The eye Dr. keeps telling me I have dry eyes,but I think sometimes he is trying to push that plug surgery. I have all the symtoms of dry eyes,but it really came on all of a sudden.Never had dry eyes before chemo.I have tried eye lubricants and they seem to help some. It is so strange that my eyes feel tired ,but my body does not.John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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