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Clean Scan

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Hi All -

I got my first PET/CT scan since the end of all of my HL treatment (6 cycles ABVD, 20x Rads) and it is clean! Because my mass was so big and bulky I was really prepared for the worst! Of course I'll be back in 3 months and my anxiety will be off the charts again, but its good news!


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Hi - have NHL rather than HL so don't know your chemo, but know how very happy that news must make you - congrats! It's the dream of all of us - I have just one large mass instead of many smaller ones and it's slowly shrinking after a year of chemo, but not enough yet. Enjoy the great news and go out and celebrate! Fran

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I also had one big mass and it was stubborn, but its gone. Have faith that yours will be gone too. Sometimes the single ones are the most difficult. Slow and steady wins the race, right! : ) hang in there!

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Hi Imack,
Thats great news and I'm very happy for you. I did 6 rounds of CVP-R chemo and also had good results with my last scan in April. One small spot still shows up, but my Onc feels the Rituxan maint will keep it stable. Enjoy whats left of summer and celebrate your good news! Best wishes...Sue
(FNHL-grade2-stage3-typeA-(indolent)diagnosed 6/10)

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Awesome news! Vinny

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