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Busy week done right now!

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Hope all is well with everyone well mon i had ct scan tues i had pet/ct scan and i got the port in weds tues the 30th i have an appt with radiation doctor to get scan results and to find out treatment plan all so fast lol but i'm glad it is the sooner the better.plus i called the hosp and they have a van that will pick me up and take me to all my treatments and doc appts and its free so i will be taking the van tues to my appt i feel good about this. and thanks to all of you here i know i will feel even better.


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It's good that you have gotten so many of the preliminaries out of the way and are moving towards the beginning of treatment. I think it's great that you will be utilizing the transportation services available to take you to and from your treatments. I drove myself every day, except for once a week on my husband's day off, and it was hard towards the end. I don't recommend anyone doing that!

You will get through this--just take it one day, one step at a time. Good luck on Tuesday--please let us know what you find out on that appt.

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Thats great that you have a van to transport you. Like Martha I drove myself, and when I got home I would take a nap. That is one less issue you have to worry about. I wish you well. Lori

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Hi Mary,
Lots of stuff happening fast, huh? Good luck with the treatment - we look forward to hearing about your progress. (ps, I love your signature!)

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