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Something to think about..............when expressing yourself

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Something I just learned.....Some of my family members are logging on in here and reading all that I have placed in posts. Somethings just don't need to be read. Please be careful if and when you place something in here that you may not want people you care about reading. It may save them a lot of agony. Im am really disappointed at myself for not figuring this out sooner for myself...Now I feel kind of "STUPID"....Oh well, Mine are grown up enough to realize whats what. I would just rather, well, you know.....


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I have been VERY careful about what I've said about your family on here!
Very good point though. Nothing that anyone posts on the internet is truly "private".
It's part of the package.

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I can always count on your amusement to bring a new light to each new day...Have a great week and weekend bud........buzz

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Dear buzz,
You have a kind heart, if you are up your up.
If we feel down we are down.

Our posts reflect some of the best parts of our crc journey.

What we say here reflects us like a mirror.

Gee in the last week been unexpectedly happy onc good result
Then sentimental kids birthday.
Then sad and scared friends funeral
Then yesterday relaxed and grateful after surgeon said it's not recurrence just another pipped vessel.

Now the surgeon did nOT give me a written guarantee, alas , but his opinion gave us relief and peace of mind.

If my kids or friends read these well I got no issues.

On some posts I even email the link to them. Often the kids read the posts as I type

So our posts are little pieces of our hearts just floating around the net here in this very special place on forum128.

This is a good to bring to peoples attention. Thanks.

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If I was your relative and ready your posts, I would feel nothing but pride. Please don't edit yourself too much. Lisa

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Your posts are always straight from the heart and have never been disrespectful to family or friends. You "tell it like it is" and we all appreciate you.



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Hey, Buzz.

You're such a wonderful person. I can't remember anything you've written that should be a problem for anyone. Good reminder for everyone, though!


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I would talk with your family and say something like:

"You know there are times when I need to vent, and I don't want to hurt my family, so CSN is a special place for me that I can vent without hurting feelings....I would very much appreciate it if you would not get on here to read what I say...or, if you do, reader beware, and do NOT share with other family members, it will cause a BIG rift in our relationship. Fighting cancer is pure hell at times, and what better place to release tension (even if it's just a momentary thing) than with folks that have been there/done that and don't have a family investment in me! If you respect me and my feelings, please leave this site alone."

IMHO, Hugs, Kathi

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cancer/health in general or CRC specifically and at times,I get an email about CRC that includes a post that originated from CSN,with the avatar and comments of whoever responded to that post sent to whoever else gets that email....So its not just those who log into CSN who can read stuff from here and get info about you.......

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Good advice.

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I hear ya Buzz,

When I was keeping my blog during my 2 years of surgeries and treatment, I was careful to say only good things about my family and I specifically chose not to write anything about my children. It was too agonizing for me to even think about a life without them.

I had a lot of readers on my blog so I was BRUTALLY honest on all things cancer, treatment, pain and my personal feelings, but quite on anything that wuld be "unflattering" to my family.

I guess I always thought this board was the place to let it ALL hang out, but, alas, our friends and family can just as esily find us


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KathiM......Nail on head ! Thanks all........buzz

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You have to vent.
If you cannot here than where?
My computer was broken when I was going through Chemo and I hadn't the energy to get it fixed.
I didn't find you guys until I was mostly back on my feet (numb and painful as they are with neuropathy, hands too).
Someone give me some cheeese to go with my whine.

Anyway I can see how I would have vented quite easily last year!!

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Kimo Sabe
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In the very short time that I've been here, I've appreciated very much your postings. I think what you and the other folks have to say should not be hidden.  In fact, most of what I've seen here should be REQUIRED reading for people working in healthcare. I find the breadth and depth of information, feelings, and love to be profound.


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Thanks for the info will be helpful in the future

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BUZZ,Your posts are part of you, who you are and the kind and loving way you help others cope. And most of all you are human, besides being a father and a husband , brother, son and friend. You have the right to be worried and sometimes scared of what the future holds.Personally I am sure that whoever reads your posts will realize what a great person you are and they have to admire your strength and I am certain that anyone who knows you will care and love you more for your loving and caring ways.
So, do not fret the little stuff, go out and enjoy family and friends.
With much admiration for the person you are, HUG

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