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Check in!

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Hello to all. Just wanted to do a quick check in and send positive thoughts and prayers to each of you. I am good and still remain busy. Got our youngest off to college on Monday,well she'll be living at home,but it was still a lot of work and the usual mass confusion! Take care all. Mary

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Hi Mary,
All is good on my home front. Lizzy keeps me busy, but it's a "happy" busy! We need to keep our friend John/cobra in our prayers. He lives in NC and it looks like he will be bracing for hurricane Irene. As big as she appears to be, he will most likely experience high winds,heavy rainfall and possibly power outage. Lets all keep good thoughts flowing his way that Irene turns out towards the ocean instead of heading inland. Prayers for "ALL" of our friends living along the East coast! Have a good day and weekend Mary, and thanks for checking in. Much love...Sue

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Thank you for all your concern. It is greatly appreciated. Mary am I so glad things are going good for you. Keep up the good work. john

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