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Dear Friends,

I had chemo yesterday (in Virginia) and we were all hooked up in our chairs. A very lovely woman sat next to me and she was very quiet and reading. An earthquake hit. It was strong with the wall wavings and the floor jumping, but only lasted 30 seconds. Still the woman sat quietly next to me. Finally, someone announced from the news that it was an earthquake. "oh good, she sighed, "I thought it was this new chemo they were giving me."

Smile in between the struggles,

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Diane.... a great story! Glad that everyone was o.k.! If it weren't for the smiles, how would we get through it all?


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LOL!! Thanks for the story Diane. That must have been an incredible experience. You will never forget where you were when that earthquake hit!!!

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What a great story - made me smile at the start of the day.
But, joking aside, I hope everyone is OK after the earthquake? We heard it on the news over here in the UK and it seemed to be quite a lot stronger than anything you've had in that area for a long, long time?
Kindest regards

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That was a cute story!

Most of the people I know who are over 60 thought they were having a dizzy spell of some sort!

We had a 3.5 earthquake one winter and when the ground thawed in the spring, we had a huge depressed circle around our septic tank where it had sunk. It took a lot of dirt to fill in that circle....probably a dump-truck full!

The earthquake this week was scary. I was on the phone with my husband - I am at the beach and he was 100 miles away - we experienced it at the same time. Weird. My house is on pilings so probably shook more than a "grounded" house. A couple of things fell.

Now we are bracing for hurricane Irene which should hit here Sunday morning.

An earthquake and hurricane in the same week. An unusual confluence indeed!

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Made me smile. Hope the chemo is going well for you. Praying for you.

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I am doing well on this weekly therapy; fine it much easier to tolerate. I laughed so hard; she was so sincere. It shows you how hard chemo can be when you think meds are a hurricane. Where would we be without a smile,

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Just heard on the news this morning that a hurricane is on it's way over from the Bahamas and likely to hit anywhere from North Carolina up to New York and Washington.
Hoping and praying that it blows itself out before it reaches you.
Keep safe, lovely East Coast ladies

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Hi Diane,
I spoke to you quite a long time ago on the phone and would love to connect with you again. I was at the National Cathedral having a picnic with friends during the earthquake...so memorable!!
Just wanted to speak to you about how you're doing and possibly meet if you come to the area to visit your son ( I think?). I've been through possibly 3 other chemo regimens since I spoke to you last and I think will start yet another one in the next week or so since this last one (Alimta) appears to not be working. I'm still doing very well and am enjoying life with family and friends. If you would like to contact me, please do at elizabeth.stein@ltcfp.com.
Take care and hope you're doing well!