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Pain and liver resection

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I'm wondering how long y'all experienced pain to a degree you needed meds, after liver resection surgery. I had surgery on the 11th and been home from hospital since the 18th...and this morning the 24th I don't have enough pain to justify taking meds...normal? I expected to have pain for six weeks or so???


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I took pills for two days at home, then didn't bother, since I wasn't suffering or in pain, I had also had my colon and ureter resectioned at the same time. Some of us are just lucky.
Winter Marie

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question of good luck!

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I had a ton of stuff done when I had my liver resection done, plus I had 3 lung operations since my liver resection. I am still feeling some pain 7 years after the fact. I do take some pain meds still...

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I had pain but due to drug allergies did not have much pain meds available after leaving the hospital, where they had given me Fentanyl by injection. I was given Hydrocodone pills to take home but took one dose and quit because it made me too sick. I am allergic to others commonly prescribed. So I did without except occasionally took Tylenol.

Once I was able to turn over in bed (about a week after got home), I had a lot less pain to deal with.


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i healed well both times. no pain killers at home at all.

the worst pain i had was from post op infection, so just be on the look out.

i would demand answers and care from the doctors. the squeaky door gets the oil.

but demand in a begging kind of way with puppy dog eyes, it works for me all the time.

i hope the pain stops and its cause is thing serious, ask the doctors.


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My pain was really related to the incision healing, feeling so tight in the abdomen, the soreness...not full on pain.

I hope it subsides, but keep on top of it so Doctor knows


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I took pain meds maybe 3 or 4 days. Everyone is different!


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My mum was on pain killers for about 4 days after she left hospital. I did not hear her complaint about the pain the week after already. She actually managed to help me move 1.5 week later!

Best wishes to your recovery!

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I took pain meds after I got home from hospital only at night. If i needed anything during the day I took Tylenol and that helped. Fortunatly, I didn't need them for any length of time. Maybe a little more than two weeks. If you're experiencing a lot of discomfort, I'd suggest a call to your doctor. There may be something else going on.

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I took big meds for a couple of days and then just decided it was not worth the nausea....and really the constipation

so for me a couple of days.....but I cannot say i was comfortable for a couple of weeks.


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i have been wondering how you are doing. u are still in my prayers. i hope that you will be feeling better soon, your friend, barb

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Thanks for your prayers, I'm doing very well. Three days ago the staples were removed from my incision and the healing is going great. I'm still taking a pill at night for pain but it is really my back that is hurting, not the surgery site. Now that I'm able to turn over and sleep on my tummy at night my back pain is less each day so hopefully I'll be down to zero meds soon. Next I will have an appointment with my Onc to see when I can get this port removed from my chest and won't see a doc again after that until time for a CT scan checkup :)

I really appreciate everyone's feedback concerning the pain (or lack of) that came with their liver resection...it is so good to hear the experiences of others to better understand our own situation! Thank you all, so much!


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