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I am so sad to be new here...

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My 39 year old healthy husband got bad news yesterday - what they thought was a liver abscess is a malignant tumor on his liver. We don't even know yet if it is primary or not and we don't know what kind of cancer it is. We are waiting for lab results today.

He has NO cirrohis, hepatitis, etc...in fact he is in excellent health otherwise. He is active duty military.

His tumor is 9cm and they are hopeful that it is primary. It seems "encapsulated" at this point. They have said it is "walled off".

They have already said he might be in surgery next week.

They did some preliminary scans and didn't see cancer anywhere else and it is not anywhere else on his liver either. I think they are going to do some more in depth scans but we are still waiting on the lab results.

I love him so much and he is a wonderful husband and father to my 3 young children. We have been very happily married for 14 years. Just wanted to introduce myself.

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Tell him to be positive (you too). If the tumor can be removed, he will have great outlook. I had my 9 cm tumor removed and its been 18 months since. He is young and has the strength to deal with this..Be strong..

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Hi, tarheelmom - it's a diagnosis my husband and I never expected as well, and it takes time to even absorb it as being real when he's feeling well, I know. My husband had the same background of excellent health with no cirrhois or hepatitis, and I probably would have predicted just about anything else before liver cancer. If the tumor is encapsulated and situated in his liver in such a way that they can remove it, however, that really is very good news, believe it or not. Is the surgery scheduled for next week? Please keep us posted if you can in the midst of all this about what's happening.

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Well, after every test and scan in the world over the last month, we now have a surgery date of October 6th with a liver specialist. His bone scan, bloodwork, and PET scan were all clear with no signs of cancer anywhere except the one mass. His tissue biopsies (2 different procedures) were analyzed at 2 labs then sent to 2 more, including the Cleveland Clinic and some lab in New York. All 4 labs could only say it was a malignant tumor, they ruled out a bunch of bad stuff but couldn't say exactly what kind of cancer it is.

We just found out today that they saw 4 nodules on one of his lungs in the biphasic CAT scan but they don't know yet if they are cancerous. They did not show up as cancerous on the PET scan and I think 95% of the time they do (if they are). So all of us, doctors included, are very hopeful they are not malignant. However, they are taking them out when they do the liver surgery as a precaution.

We are meeting for pre-op tests on Monday with both surgeons. We thought we were home free on any mets, that it was just one tumor, so now we are reeling a little but I'm trying not to panic since we don't know anything yet.

He has lost weight and is anemic but is otherwise doing well. The tumor is still "encapsulated" and is only one one side of liver and is not tied up in the vasculature of his liver. They are still saying the surgery is "curative". They also don't know if he needs chemo or not afterwards.

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i am saying a prayer with you right now. keep up the positive thoughts and God Bless.

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Hi, just an update. The surgery was very successful, they got all of the tumor. The nodes on his lungs are microscopic and the thoracic oncologist does not think they are related to the cancer. My husband has had some mild asthma issues throughout his life and the doctors feel they are related to that. My husband had the right lobe of his liver removed and was home from the hospital in 3 days....the rest of his liver was completely healthy and there was no cancer anywhere else.

They are still not sure if they are going to do a little chemo or not...they have said maybe, maybe not depending on pathology results. He is 2 weeks out from his surgery and is doing wonderful.

We are very grateful and now just don't want it to ever come back.

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Great news tarheelmom!!! I know you are your husband are thrilled with his results.

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