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Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) with Mets

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My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV SCLC with mets to the liver and adenals Aug 2011. During her flight overseas on a vacation this July, her legs swelled up, as they typically do during long flights, but the swelling never went away. Soon after arriving she started to complain about being very weak, tired, and was always thirsty. We thought it was because of the long flight, jet lag, and lack of rest? A visit to the doctor revealed that her glucose was at 550, elevated white blood cells and liver enzymes, and very low potassium. Her sugar level was very surprising since she was never diabetic. After performing more tests, ultra sound, MRI, and CT scans the doctors advised us that she had lung cancer and to return her to the states for treatment. Upon returning home, doctors ran same battery of tests including biopsy that revealed stage IV SCLC, with mets to liver and adrenals. My initial decision was to take her to MD Anderson for treatment but the doctors locally told me the treatment for this disease is pretty universal, cisplatin and etopiside. She just completed her first round of Chemotherapy and is at home resting. She is taking potassium and insulin regularly since her return to deal with the low potassium and high sugar levels. Except for the diarrhea, she did not have a significantly bad reaction to the Chemo. She returns in 10 days for a second round of therapy. I have been online researching this disease since we got the news and I am grateful that I came across this site because it has given me hope. Please share anything with us that you can. Thank you and I wish everyone the best of health.

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Glenna M
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So sorry about your mom's recent diagnosis but happy to see she has tolerated the first round of chemo with few side effects.

I do not have the same type of cancer so I can not give you much advice but I wanted to welcome you to CSN, there are many knowledgeable people here who will help you through this difficult time.

Stay strong,

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You have found a great resource, although like most of us, would prefer to have not been admitted to this club!!

My mother had SCLC w/mets to brain at diagnosis, later mets to spine.

There is a wealth of information, knowledge and compassion on this board. I found it to be a godsend!!

While surfing the net, stay away from statistics. Rememember - YOUR MOM IS A STATISTIC OF ONE!! We all make our own path and all can be different.

Take Care

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Wish your mother the best! My mother also has mets to the spine but no mets to the brain. I met with her doctor today and they said they usually don't perform PCI until after fourth round of chemo? I am seeking alternate opinion because with the aggressive nature of SCLC i don't want to risk mets to brain. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Thank you!

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