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Back in the hospital!

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Well mom was supposed to have her partial shoulder replacement yesterday but unfortunately the infamous staph infection is back! So they have admitted her and is doing antibiotics again. More than likely her knee has it again as well! It's about the size a grapefruit. Anyhoo, hopefully when the staph clears again they can take care of the bone tumor and fix her shoulder!! They are still trying to get her pain under control, but other than that her vitals are good and she is off the oxygen already. Thanks for all the great posts about her brain tumor going to the grave, thank God!!!!


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Glenna M
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Sorry your mother has another infection to deal with, hoping they are able to clear it up quickly and proceed with her surgery. I'm still smiling every time I think of how you both must have felt when they said "no brain tumor". It had to have been the greatest moment of your lives!!!

Stay strong,

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It is always something that has to set us back! You and Mom have come sooooo far! Hang in there, surgery is around the corner! Glad to hear her vitals are good and she is off oxygen. That woman can do anything she sets her mind to! Prayers to you both.

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She is very fortunate to have you. Keep us posted.

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