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5.9 Earthquake on East Coast

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Felt up here in NY. Epicenter in Virginia.
Minimal damage it seems.
It's always something isn't it...

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It felt like the building was being shoved sideways. Cell service went away too.


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I did a lot of travel for business to Calif. and never experienced an earthquake.

And now that I am home in Virginia...get to have the experience.

I live a considerable way from the epicenter, but still felt the earth move for a bit.

Hope everyone experiencing this is ok.

Marie who loves kitties

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Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

I'm 50 miles north of NYC and felt it here.
I don't think there's much damage or any loss of life but it's scary just the same. I heard there was one in Colorado too and someone else mentioned Indonesia yesterday.
Maybe "Those People" finally got it right but no one called it!
They'll predict it tomorrow I'm sure

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Felt it here in southeastern Ohio. I could actually see our heavy woodstove rocking back and forth. Seemed to last a while although I know the actual time span wasn't very long.


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I was having lunch with my girlfriend about twenty minutes north of Philly after getting my chemo hooked up when we felt the rumbles. I'm glad I had an earlier appointment today, I'm pretty sure protocol would have been to evacuate the hospital buildings.

I had planned on popping into work on the way back to say hi to folks, but rush hour was starting early so I didn't.

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The earth never moves for me!!!!

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sorry Ron50 I understand the anguish, but it sure was funny to hear it said....Live long and prosper..........buzz

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Living in southern California, I have felt many earthquakes. I was getting chemo today and saw on the TV there about the east coast earthquake. My initial reaction was "boy, they're overreacting by evacuating, stopping flights, etc. They don't do that here- it's more routine unless it's one that has caused damage. Then I realized that the big difference is how the buildings are constructed. Here in California, builders have earthquake codes to follow in how they build & buildings made out of bricks are not allowed. So, that's the big difference- all the brick buildings and old, historic buildings are not built to withstand earthquakes, so the possibility of structural damage is greater there than it is here. Glad to hear you're all alright!


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Our building is being re-roofed (if that's a term), so it took some time to realize that the shaking was not the normal ruckus they are making. They drop stuff, and stomp around, but when I realized the whole building was moving, that's when I got out of there !!


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We are having brush fires in the Dismal swamp, had the earthquake and a 3 minute tsunami scare. Now we are waiting for the hurricane to hit. This is a trip! All is well though. An hour after the earthquake everyone was crossing bridges to mae their way to the beach.

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"5.9? We here in California use that to stir our coffee!"

That said, I agree with Lisa...we So Cal'ers are fairly use to quakes...when I casually tell my dutch friends "Yes, we have them most days, living on top of the San Andreas fault" they get a bit nervous. BUT, truly, we have building codes that include earthquake standards...they are built to sway in a quake, instead of topple.

I was relieved to hear that there wasn't more of a problem, as we have experienced with the loss of life in the San Francisco quake, where the bridge collapsed, it can be horrible!

Hugs, Kathi

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