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squamous non small cell

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Does anyone know of any person who had good results with treatment other than surgery? Thanks.

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My fiancee is in remission from Squamous non small cell tumor of right bronchus. Because he has no health insurance he was treated with indigent care funds at the hospital, they decided surgery was too expensive and he did 9months of combined chemo/ radiation. monday thru friday radiation and tuesday and thursday chemo. the tumor shrunk from 11mm to 4mm and they are currently monitoring it until it becomes life threatening again. indgent care sucks, but he had really good results from combined chemo and radiation. long battle tho. good luck to you, stay strong.

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That does suck, I am sure that all the research was done to find out if there are any charitable groups that could help with surgery. I am so glad it has shrunk and now since its so small I hope it will just melt away. I wish you and your fiancee well. Lori

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