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Anyone on this? Any thoughts?

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Yes I went on marinol for a short period of time, didn't do much good. My oncologist suggested that the real thing was much, much better and to use it instead if it was available. And he was completely right. Helped enormously with the nausea, settled my stomach and gut, helped to uplift my spirits, and definitely helped to increase my appetite. If you can get it don't even bother with the marinol.

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I agree 100% with Carl.
"Ain't nothin' like the real thing baby..."
as the song goes. It's been around for thousands of years and does wonders.

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I wish it was legal in my state, but I was lucky enough to have an Uncle get me some when I started chemo. I hope its legal where you are or you can find some. When my mom was on chemo I offered her some, but she never did take me up on it, so I guess everyone is different that way.

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Found my truffles (made with the "real thing" butter) worked great for me.
Legal in my state.
Winter Marie

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