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Found something new I can celebrate

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now that I am a year past all my surgeries and am 1 year + from cancer and none of my meds preclude me from....

Tomorrow I will be able to donate blood, For over 15 years I was able to donate at least 3 times a year and now finaly again after almost 2 years I will be able to donate again.

it may seem silly to some but if i can save a life with my donation then its all worth it. It is 1 step closer to being "NORMAL"

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That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing that. I wish I could donate blood, especially since I have B- but the doctors told me that I am unable to donate.



Posts: 507
Joined: Apr 2010

why did the doctors tell you that you were unable to donate, just curious.

i'm A- and they are in desprate need again of my type.

i was giveing a list of things that had to happen for me to be able to donate

http://www.psbc.org/programs/blood.htm is where i donate.

i sent them an e-mail all my surgeries and all my meds and my cancer status and such and they said yes i could donate.

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