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Thank you

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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone on this discussion board. I don't post often, but I come here every day, just to feel inspired, connected and informed. I was diagnosed in May of this year, had a radical nephrectomy with an 8cm tumor. Yikes. Part of my liver was also taken out because the tumor was so big it started to grow into the liver. I feel so much better now, and will just be going in every 6 months to make sure I'm still cancer-free.

I've seen diet discussed on and off on this board, so I thought I'd share a video clip I found. Kidney cancer is discussed. I thought it'd be worth sharing....


Hope this is helpful to someone. Take care, everyone.....

Posts: 55
Joined: Jun 2011

Ooops! I posted the wrong video!

This is the one:


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Thanks for posting that very educational video. I hate most veggies, especially the stuff that you normally think of as good for you (spinach, broccoli, etc.), but I sure was glad to see that onions and garlic are so high on the list of things that can prevent kidney cancer. Maybe I'll talk my wife into making home-made pizza with onions and garlic today -- my house is the only place I can get good, low-salt pizza.

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Is it too late to come over for pizza? It sounds really good.

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