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waiting is the hardest

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Here I set waiting for Steves pet scan results, we called and she said they are typing them up and will have the results this afternoon. Steve is taking a nap and here I set with a million things running through my mind. Why can't I stop being scared, I hate this feeling, I know his out look is good, the doctors can't even feel the node on his neck anymore and they state that they feel it may never come back, but here I set scared out of my mine, please God take this away from me and make me feel better.

Thanks just need to talk


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Hey there,

I would agree that waiting is very difficult; whether it is for test results or waiting to see the specialist yet again.

I learned over time that it is normal to be anxious or concerned about test results, seeing the specialists etc. I also realized that there was absolutely nothing I could do to change any of it. So I found ways to combat the anxiety or concerns. My husband goes with me to every test, every doctor visit, every consultation, etc. I also pray - a lot. I realize that things will turn out as God has planned and once I realized that I wasn't the one driving the bus, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I also listen to my favorite music which calms me down. I also talk to my husband about what any concerns are, why I am anxious, etc. and he helps me keep the focus I need to face whatever may happen.

Don't be shy about coming the boards and chatting away. We understand and we have been where you are; some of us keep going there again and again. Just remember, if you didn't have concerns or have some anxiety, you wouldn't be normal.

Hang in there; I'll be praying that the tests come back as great as the doctors think they will.


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