signet ring cancer

juanita64 Member Posts: 1
I found out i had signet ring cancer stage 4 june 17 2011, i first learned i had a tumer in my belly on may the 9 2011, the docter keep saying it wouldn't be cancer but on june 17, the took out a 17 in tumer and then i was told it was cancer. and that wasn't the orginal start of the tumer, the orginal is in my up stomach which the can't take out, i can't eat just soft stuff, i have had 10 chemo rounds one week on the pump, and next week i will be going to get the pump on again, the say it's from a busted appendix, well i had mind out when i was 15, and i'm 64 now.but i have god on my side,faith in a healing god.