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checking in

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Hey guy's just checking in, had my blood checked today along with my port flush, got to say I'm feel kinda bummed. My white counts where in the 4.0 range for a while , today it was 3.0 which is out of normal range, my Oncologist feels that it's OK. I have been soooo fatigued lately, that little voice starts to creep back in to my head....... I'm backkkkkkk...... lol, well, as my wife keeps saying, I have been out of treatment for only 8 months look where I was last august!. My next P.E.T. Scan is scheduled for November...... Hope all of my Survivors family is doing well! Vinny

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I can understand you being bummed out with the drop in WBC. I remember when you were at 0 my friend. I know the exact emotions that come with possible relapse...again. It stinks. I have faith it'll come back up. When do you go back again for bloodwork?

I went Tuesday for my checkup and mine is at 5 something. He was really happy with my counts but I was disappointed with my platelets, they didn't go up as much as I would have liked to see although it's still in normal range.

My energy level still isn't great by any means, but it's better than a week ago. Trying to get into an exercise habit sucks and I have been failing miserably LOL. I think probably in the next month I'll be heading back to work which really makes me leary. I just don't know if I can handle the stress and commute with what little energy I have.

I'll have to be going soon for a pet scan and most likely a BMB and THAT will be the big test as to whether the transplant worked. It scares the holy crap out of me.

Hang in there Vinny, we'll get through this!

Take care,

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Hi Vinny,
So glad to see you pop in. Sorry about your counts dropping, but I agree with your wife. I think we might just need more time to recover from all of the chemo. I'm still very tired and thought for sure I'd have more energy by now. I'm 8 mo's out from chemo also. Don't let the scary thoughts take over and try to keep positive thoughts. Thanks for checking in...I think of you so often and always hope all is going well.
Talk to you soon...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Stay positive. They have come so far with this crap. I think the chemo will mess with our blood counts for years to come. My last counts were good,but even today I do not have 100% energy levels. Its mostly my eyes feel tired all the time. I close my eyes and I feel like I have a lot more energy. It don't work to well when I am driving down the road at 60mph though. I do notice when I have sunglasses on it feels better. It may just be the light affecting my eyes. Eye Dr. says dry eye syndrone. Gotta get those kickbacks. The poor drug companys need the money. Anyway,I think of you all the time and I remember how things were a year ago with your counts. You be my Hero,man!!!! John

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thank's for the positive thought's guys, and Beth I do remember being at 0!!!! Hope you start to feel stronger....... I do check in a lot, try to help out the newbies as much as I can..... Everyone take care, Vinny

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Hi Vinny,

Happy that your onc feels everything is Okay. I think your wife is right, it just takes time. Hopefully you will gain some energy and feel less fatigued. I tend to creep down in my counts, but that seems to be the norm for me.

I know that little voice you mentioned. Tell it to take a rest and that your onc is happy so the little voice should be too...

Have a great weekend.


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