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Disneyworld Trip

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Hello Everyone, I live with my mom and my 4 children.They have all been extremely supportive during this trying time.
I have just completed my breast cancer treatment-that is my herceptin only portion, as of July 18. I had my double masectomy in December, Ovarectomy in Feb, started radiation in Feb/ Completed that in March. I am trying to plan a family trip to Disneyworld to celebrate! This has really been a rough year, and we are all ready for a break and much needed vacation.I was excited as we started to look at different options, but crestfallen when i realized what it would be for a family of 6 to go to Disneyworld!! The prices blew me away - add that to driving to get there.....

Does anyone know of a way to ask Disneyworld about sponsorships or scholarships of any type to be able to take my family there for this special time? We would like to go in September. I really want to surprise them!

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Hi. I can so relate, the summer I finished the bulk of my treatment, I maxed out my credit cards taking all 6 of my kids for a much-needed vacation, for them -- I went to bed for 3 days when we got home! Fortunately my sister and a friend shared the cost and helped with the kids -- we got a cabin in Pigeon Forge though, I couldnt afford Disney World and my 3 teen boys at the time protested the idea anyway...Since having cancer, I demand yearly vacations! They have seen me at my worst, they deserve me at my best, having fun and getting away from so much reality...I have a friend with 5 kids, she really did her homework to save on their Disney trip. She bought a planning guide at a bookstore, wrote to Disney for a travel package with some coupons. Oh, I just remembered...I stayed a week in Orlando once (for work) and many of the hotels have discount coupons and ways to buy a days pass. If you could bid on a hotel on Priceline, get a good rate, then contact the hotel, they might help you. Also, look on craigslist, in larger cities and in the Orlando craigslist, there are often vacation packages advertized at discount because someone had to cancel or end their trip unexpectedly. Hope you get to go! And if not Disneyworld, there are so many great places across the States to vacation! Maybe you can find one closer to home...

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