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lung chemo pill

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chemo didn't work so now they want to try the pill .does any one have any info on this.

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There are many targeted therapies that are pills. Do you have any more specifics?

My wife will be starting Crizontinib in 12 days which is a pill that she will take 2 times a day. But it is only effective for certain genetic mutations which we found she possesses.

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If it's Tarceva I have plenty of info - let us know when you know :)

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Have some questions for you re:Mom.
I'll refresh you a little bit on Mom.
Mom DX 1/3/11 stage 4 nsclc mets to brain had WBR,was on 1st line carbo/alimta some lung tumors grew a bit. Went to 2nd line Taxotere and poss. caused lung fluid and from being off TX for 4 wks lung tumors grew alot so now just started 3rd line Gemzar. Docs are hoping lung fluid will reabsorb from chemo and tumors will shrink if not she will have to go back in the Hosp. for her lungs to be drained.
Tested neg. for mutations in Jan.
I was thinking about having her records sent to sloan where she went for her 2nd opion to see if this is the continue rout they would go with Mom?
Also what next if Gemzar doesn't do its job? I just want to be one step ahead just incase (im one of those anal alices, like all my eggs in the basket) should we ask the Onc. to send her tissue out to different lab, maybe will show something difft.?
I had spoken to you re:WBR effects that are now showing :(

We went to dinner lastnight had a wonderful time than all of a sudden she got up left and she got sick, she said theres not much of a sign, you just have to run...she's so very upset with all of this and she's down 10 lbs now clothes are falling off.

Any info. would be helpful.
God Bless

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Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer(May 2011). In June 2011 started Chemo (Carboplat cocktail) After 2 cycles (4 Treatments) scans were done to re-evaluate. The cancer was aggressive and almost coverd his lung now. His journey through Chemo has been absolutely rough. Tarceva(150mg) was proposed in August 2011 as he didn't want to continue with chemo. The side effects of this thus far with Tarceva has been a fatigue and a horrible pain in his eye. There was not mentioned as this being a side effect. Our journey is getting rougher. Short term memory loss is very evident and the pain is constant. He is on Steriods for his lung as it fills up with phlem and he coughs constantly. Hence is there more information about Tarceva. Tomorrow is his next Oncologist appointment.

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hello naypaul, did your onc drag his feet in doing the test for the gene. they use the tests they have all ready taken is that correct? there is 20 some people in my family that has had lung cancer and i thought maybe i have the gene. the first onco told me my tumor was in operable. after i finished the chemo and 39 treatments of rad, he said it was shrinking. well i went too another onco too see about this test and he did another pet scan and said it had doubled in size, and they can take the lun or part of it out. i am so scared and confused i do not know what to do. the surgon said it was a very serious operation and would have too remove a rib. just wondering if you had any problem getting the onco too do the test. this second onco is draging his feet doing it also. i do not understand. any info you could give me would be so appreciated. i pray you do well. god bless us all. phoobear

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My wife is Stage 4 lung cancer -- she is on Tarceva, 150 mg per day. After two months the Pet Scan was a bit mixed, but positive nonetheless -- the drug seems to be working with some effectiveness. Fatigue is a big side effect for her. She also accumulates fluid to the extent that she needs it drained every 6 weeks or so. Meanwhile, other problems persist -- coughing up phlegm, shortness of breath that she has had since the radiation ended in July, and periodic wheezing. Also, infections seem to develop between drainings -- in October she had a touch of pneumonia -- they gave her an antibiotic that seemed to work -- but now the symptoms are back, 10 days after the treatment was completed.

So while the pill seems to be working for her, the other issues (infections and fluid build-up) seem to be taking their toll -- she continues to lsoe weight (27 lbs since June) and is pretty frail. Good luck.


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