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Sad announcement - Cathy L, aka Kate58

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***UPDATE - I found someone that remembered her user name here, Kate58.

I do not remember what screen name Cathy used here. There are a few of us that keep in close touch on FB, but the others in our group do not post here anymore, due to various reasons over the last year or so (between conflicts and off-topic problems here, and the sadness of losing too many good friends). I'm not sure about posting last names without permission here, but Craig and Phil and some other oldtimers will know who I am referring to. Cathy wanted you to be informed.

Cathy had a rough year, but never stopped fighting - she had a lot of troubles but kept fighting for 6 years. She went into the hospital again the beginning of August. For more than the last week, she was in and out of consciousness. She passed quietly in her sleep last night. She is no longer in pain. She has earned her rest after fighting so hard for so long.

Cathy was a great friend, with good information and support for many of us and will be missed by a lot of people. We have lost yet another wonderful person, and have gained another angel.

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thanks kathryn for the update.

may she rest in peace and may we live in peace.


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rip you were a lovely lady, thanks kathy p. for letting us know on facebook.

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That is terrible. She was a nice person with much help to people. I'm sorry we lost her, but glad she is out of pain.


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It's so hard to accept it every time one of us passes. It seems so needless, but i know everything has a need. We just can't understand it from our perspectives. I'm going to miss her so much.

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I didn't realize that she was having such a hard time Kathryn.
My condolences to her family and all of her many friends.
thank you for letting us know

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Oh, I sure do remember Kate58. I know she was having a bit of a rough time but didn't realize it was this bad and she was spending most of her time on facebook and such.

I'm sorry she is gone, she was a sweetie.

Thank you for letting us know.


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Absolutely, I remember Kate. Luvinlife2 used to keep me posted about her and actually on my "results post" she actually came on and posted a nice reply.

She was very nice to me and everyone here. Kathy had told me Kate had been in hospital for quite a spell last year and it was very serious...it worried her and worried me. Then I saw her pop up on the post and she didn't indicate things were dire.

It had been nice to see her. Well, I'm truly sorry on her passing - my condolences to her family and friends on FB.

Kat: tell everyone hi for me on FB and thank you for this update.


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Sad, just very sad. Cathy's friends and family are in my prayers.


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Hugs, Kathi

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situation! pray for her!

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That is horrible news, I didnt realize she was not doing well. When I first say this post I remembered her picture and her smile, heck I remember when she first started posting. May she rest in peace...Keeping her family in my prayers....


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she had the most beautiful bald head!
we had some wonderful conversations on facebook, she was a dear woman. It was so like Cathy not to share the seriousness of what she was going through- hard to describe it other than she chose to live her life everyday and let go of the rest. She was quite ill a year ago, many weeks in the hospital. I guess most of us hoped this would be the same thing, she would rebound again and come back to us. This was not meant to be. I carry Cathy and her journey in my heart and soul- so many we have lost to this Beast!

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This news makes me so sad. She lived for 6 years beyond her stage IV diagnosis, which is good- I just always have hopes that when someone lives that long, that it means they're going to beat this disease!
To all of the family and friends- my condolences- remember her beautiful smile and upbeat attitde.


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Sorry to hear the bad news,may she rest in peace.Thanks for the information.

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Kate58 was the first friend I made here on my friends list. She was so positive and inspirational. I have missed her posts, and am so sorry to hear she has had to leave us way too soon. Godspeed, Cathy.


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