Newly diagnosed with cervical cancer

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Im new to this site, and was just recently diagnosed with cervical cancer, not sure of the stage yet but i have a tumor which is about 5 cm on the cervix and was told after a mri,cat scan and pet scan that they didnt see any other involvement, other than one illiac lymph node which was slightly enlarged but didnt show as cancerous on the pet scan.... And on the pet scan they saw a liver cyst which i just had a fine needle biopsy to determine if its cancerous, but havent got the results yet. My treatment which they had planned was to be cisplatin chemo oncea week for 5 weeks as well as external rads for the 5weeks at the same time as chemo. Doc also mentioned inpatient brachytherapy but hasnt given me info about that yet either unfortunately... If the liver cyst comes back positive then the treatment plan willbe changed.

I am having such a hard time dealing with this! Ive always felt healthy and looked healthy, i am the kind of person who doesnt like to even take tylenol... So even thou i havent started treatment yet, I am terrified of it all. Im afraid of what the side effects might be, of how it may also change my looks, how sick chemo/rads will make me feel, basically i am scared about every aspect of it. i dont have a big support system, i have a bf who is having a very hard time dealing with it, and my parents although they do not live close by me. I have many many aquaintences but no real friends to lean on right now.... I am just SO scared and worried and so unsure of the future. Most days i want to cry all day or just scream! Ive had some really hard times in my life but this is something i couldnt have imagined how i feel....
I figured maybe posting here i might find someone who has or is going through the same treatment as me and. Maybe that might help me not feel so alone in this...


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    This is a good place

    This is a good place to come for support. We've all 'been there...done that'. What your feeling is normal. It is a scary journey...overwhelming at times. We all experience different side effects; some of us breeze through the treatments and some don't. I hope you will be one of those that breeze through. Support is very important throughout. Trust your doc. If you don't, find a new one. Talk openly with him/her. Ask lots of questions. There may be a support group affiliated with the hospital your going to...ask them about it. The hospital should have a social worker that can help point you in different directions.
    Keep helps. Let us know how your doing. Hopefully, others will pop in and become part of your support team too.