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How do you know if your port is infected?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever had their port be infected and how would you know. I'm having alot of pain with mine, when i sleep, move or touch it. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel like no one is listening to me and chalking it up to being paranoid. Can anyone give me any info.


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If you're that worried, go to the local hospital's ER and
tell them what you fear. They'll check it out with an XRay,
and blood tests, and give you a difinitive answer.

Generally, if you're not experiencing a fever or other signs
of an infection, the pain might be a simple healing process
of the placement of the port.

Take care!


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Nana b
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It can oooze, and it can be red around it. Swollen tender to the touch. If you think it, chances are it is.

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There can be problems other than an infection. I got a blood clot in the vein that mine goes into. If you have a lot of chest pain, or trouble breathing, take this seriously.

I had two port infections, but mine were unusual. One happened the day after my first port was inserted. (It ended up having to come out, and a new one inserted on the other side, after the infection was cured and the first incision healed.) Then I got an infection the day after the second port came out. I'm on my third port, and sure hope this is the last one!

If you have an infection, the area is generally quite red, and warm or hot to the touch.

Like anything - if you feel something is wrong, keep pushing until you get a satisfactory answer.

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