Pet scan results

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I had my first pet scan results yesterday since starting treatment in April. I had six rounds of chemo Carbo/Taxol as well as 37 treatments of radiation then two more chemo treatments after that with the full dose of Taxol. The Doc called last night and said the tumor has shrunk but is still active. He was happy with the progress and wants to do more chemo in a couple of weeks. He wants to keep me on the same stuff Carbo/taxol. I am not looking forward to it but if it helps I guess it's worth it. This sounds like a lot of chemo but I think the the doc knows best. Has anyone else had this type of treatment?

I also have an appointment with the surgeon on Sept 7 to see if surgery is an option. The radiologist also called and thought it my be worth wile to talk with the surgeon. He also told me that the treatments seem to have worked well but there is still some activity going on in my lung and it had to be treated ASAP one way or the other.

Not the best news but I could have been worse for sure.


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    Maybe not the best, but not too bad, really! I was on carbo/taxol regimen, but mine followed a lobectomy (lower right lobe) and was more of a 'slay the strays' approach. I have always approached this stuff as aggressively as possible, so when surgery is an option I pursue it. I guess it feels like the surest way to get rid of it even though I know that is not necessarily so. So far it has worked for me.

    Best wishes as you move forward, whatever you decide.

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