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Awesome, spectacular, perfect news today!!!

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My mom and I went to the doctor today for a follow up on the brain tumor she has. He came out with a report for us to read and it said there is NO evidence of the tumor. The tumor in her brain is GONE!!! Also, she is off of the oxygen and for now is doing GREAT!! She will be having surgery on the bone tumor in her shoulder next Monday. If there isn't any infection the surgeon is going to do a partial shoulder replacement. Then a few weeks after that she will be getting a CT on her chest to see how the lung tumor is going. But for now she is on cloud 9 with the news we received today. I will be keeping everyone posted. I just love this site and especially the people that I don't know in it. You are truly the most courageous people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Keep fightin the fight and cancercanstillkissit!!!!

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So happy about the news for your mother. Hugs, Julie

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You are right in that is awesome news.
Best of luck to your mom with the surgery. Diane

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Glenna M
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Wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you and your mom. Hoping her surgery goes well and she is able to have the partial shoulder replacement.


sleepless in jersey
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Mothing, but positive energy your way for Mondays surgery as well.
Continue to keep us posted.

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Hi, Deb. The good news about your Mom definitely started my day off on a high spot. I love hearing about people doing well in the fight against the beast. Congratulations to you and your Mom and I sure hope she continues to do well.


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granny maggie
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So happy for you I think we're all on a high. Give your Mom a hug from me.

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It is indeed awesome news, for mom in particular and for her entire family as well! May the good news continue to shower all of you.

Take care,


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Great, great news! A victory for you is a victory for us.

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Fantatic news, mamacita is right a victory for all of us in this fight...... Keep it going.. Dan

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This is really nice to hear. Cheers

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Boy, i go away for a few days and almost missed your marvelous news!
Cheers and Happiness!

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LOVE this news. Congratulations!!!!

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That is great news. Keep up the fight.

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Deb, What great wonderful news for all! I am so very happy to hear all that has happened. Cancercankissit for sure. Awesome news. God bless and prayers to you and your mother! Stay strong and keep us posted! Cheryl

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That is wonderful news to hear, one hurtle down and one more to go.

Wishing you all the best

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We had similar news last night.
What doctors thought was a brain cancer tumor from mom's lung cancer turned out to be a mass from a stroke--possibly a stroke from years ago.
At any rate...no brain cancer is reason to celebrate!

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