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Post Treatment Regimen

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I am working with a clinic combining Western and Eastern Medicines. They have recommended to me a regimen for the next two years to support the non-recurrance strategy. Basically support my body to make sure that the cancer has little chance of returning. I have not seen any posts about this type of protocol and wanted to run it by you and also inform you about it for consideration. I have now gone to another clinic for a second opinion and they recommend a very similar protocol.

Low dose Naltrexone 4.5mg pill
Cimetidine - 800mg,
Noscapine - 500mg (1 cap)

In addition, I am taking chinese herbs and visit my acupuncturist. This assure that my bowl movements are regular and soft and that my organs are supported during recovery. I am doing well. My thyroid and my kidneys are still a little weak but getting back to 'normal' (the new normal that is).

If anybody wants more detail, let me know. Any feedback appreciated.

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