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Hello, I just had a biopsy on my perineum, the space between the vaginal opening and the anal opening. My perenium was taut after tx and whenever I had a dre or used the dialater a small opening would form and a little blood, this happened about 5 times, but would close and heal. Now about 4 months ago I had a pabst and prior I used the dialator to ensure the vaginal opening was open well. About a month later the opening on the pereineum opened bigger. Well I went back to the gyno and he gave me Clobetasol Propionate Ointment Usp 0.05% to apply for 2 weeks. Well on re check it was healing and to be safe the gyno did a biopsy. Well I received the news today the biopsy was benign. Thank goodness.

Now I completed tx on 6-30-09, and the point I want to make is keep using the dialator or your partner in life to keep the elasticity there. I will be more diligent in using the dialator or I will find a man lol to love, to help with that. I just want the experience I had to be put out there, in case anyone else has experienced this.

I wish us all well. Lori

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Congrats on the great news, Lori, and for sharing the information about dilator usage. It is something we have to keep up with.

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We learn so much from each other. Thank you.

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Great news! I am so happy it turned out well. You were in my thoughts and prayers.

Dog Girl
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I wonder if your skin there could also be super sensitive due to radiation damage? I've ended up with a fistula (not in the perineum area however; to/from my anal canal about 1.5 inches from my anus) and my dr. says it is because of radiation damage. He can't do surgery to fix because my sphincter muscle is already compromised by the radiation (my tumor was sitting on and through the muscle)and surgery might just push me over the edge of not having any control and thus a colostomy. Thus I deal with some discomfort, quite a bit of itching, but it seems to be relieved when it "pops" and I get a lot of bright fresh blood in that area. Fortunately I don't get too much stool leakage there. See you can always find that silver lining if you just look hard enough! :)

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