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The End is coming

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Well it's been awhile since i posted:

Things have not been great honestly.My dad is getting worse quickly. He's been doing so well for so long. And all the sudden we hit a brick wall!!

He is 58 years young. Stage Iv stomach cancer mets to spine esophagus and kidney possible brain. We've been in hospice for the last four months. We've known things weren't looking good. But in the last 3 days things have gotten bad. Weakness in right side.. Now he's not using it at all. Had to catch him from falling down the steps night before last.

He looks like he's aged 40 yrs in two days. We are thinking he had a stroke but he won't go to the hospital or anything. His nurse was in on thursday and tested him for a stroke, but just ordered more detailed blood test in a week when he goes in for his normal one seeing that he is on a blood thinnner due to a blood clot two years ago.

Since Friday he has really declined and Im not sure he will even last hours much less days.
I'm at a complete loss. Im hoping for the best but we know how it is. Been dealing with this dreaded cancer for over 2 yrs.

Much love to all of you!


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I may be wrapped up in my own pain right now, but I care, and I'm so sorry.

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Your post made me remember by daddy's last few days. He also had cancer with organ involvement, and he was not himself at all once his body started shutting down. It was so hard to watch, and he certainly had many moments of agitation, this from one of the most calm and serene people ever.

At times like these it's okay to pray for his release. He can still hear you. Reassure him of the peace to come. I remember leaning over my dad's bed, softly singing and humming hymns in the middle of the night...It's a good memory.

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I believe in never quitting, but there comes a time when you know your loved one is going to pass away. It seems cruel for that person to continue to suffer. When my dad was at his worse suffering with lung cancer, I had to stop believing for him to get better, and I ask God to take him, and make it quick. This was one of the hardest things I had to do.

You can't explain it you just know when it's time to stop that determined faith, and release him into Gods hands. I realized afterwards it took more faith, and love to do that.

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