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need support!!! possible upcoming cheek or forehead flap

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I recently had major reconstruction for bcc on the alar(corner of my nose that included part of the rim/lobe) of my nose. My surgeon tryied to pull the skin and tissue over instead of doing a cheek or forehead flap.but it didnt come out looking good at all.My nostril is all raised up and severly notched. It also pulled my nose to the right..It was not a success. now I am in the care of a new dr. He's known in boston as Dr. D. If your ever had anything to do with him you will know who I mean..He's is considered the best...Can anybody give me there experiences with cheek to nose or forehead flap procedures, because that looks like my only hope for a satisfactory outcome...please tell me about your experiences and if its allowed..can u tell me who did your surgery...I am losing hope..thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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So sorry to hear about your experience. After diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma on my forehead & they removed almost my entire forehead down to the bone last July. They grafted skin from my thigh to patch it up but the plan is to leave the area as is to keep an eye on further growth.

I feel lucky the PET was clean as there were multiple satellite growths (removed).

There are so many people infected with cancer so much worse than mine, my heart goes out to them.

I have alot of family support, that in itself is a blessing. Please drop a note and let me know how you're doing.

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Sorry to hear about your experience. I had to have tumor removed on the cheek area. The surgeon removed much tissue and part of my jaw line. Then made yet another incision from the middle of the neck that ran clear up behind the left ear. Honestly, I cried for weeks. I had never had a turkey neck, but now I do on the left side of my neck. Had to get use to seeing a corner fold where the jawbone had been removed. Now I can laugh about it. Why? I'm thankful to still be here! However, 2 years later, was relieved to understand and see my surgeon knew his stuff. The scars have faded away, my jawline now isn't apparent. It takes time for the skin to regroup. Dr. Weiss in Bryan, OH did a fabulous job. You couldn't have convinced me of that the first couple of months. Hang in there and keep the faith. Have faith in that doctor of yours and stand strong.

I have stage IV skin cancer (58 yrs. old)-traveled to both of my lungs. Have been holding my own for the past 2 years with God's help, as I chose quality of life. I had decided once informed of my terminal illness, and after doing vast research on my type of cancer, to place it in God's hands. I am grateful for each day and try to enjoy each as if it were my last. Just returned from a trip to Tennessee (Loretta Lynn's ranch, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Cherokee, South Carolina. This month going to Amish country, then to New Orleans in March to eat at Emerill's for my birthday. Enjoy the the pleasures of each day and let Him worry about the rest.

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